Pill Dysphagia Doxycycline

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Welcome to Our Web Home

The employees of Food Protection Services would like to welcome you to our web home. We are excited that you are willing to take a closer look at what we are so proud of – our company, our people, and the products, services, and training that we have to offer you. We are passionate about keeping grain, food, and other stored products safe. Many customers have recognized this and we want to prove this to you.

What is unique about Food Protection Services is our focus. We are focused on stored product protection. Very specifically; if pests eat or damage it - we protect it. We protect it with a safe approach, urgency, commitment, and a “will do” attitude.


SERVICE: We provide needed services to the food and food related industries. Services like Food Safety Pest Management, Fumigation, Specialized Cleaning, Inspection, and whatever it takes to give you every advantage over pests to build in food safety.

PRODUCT: We sell the products you need to maintain quality and value in your products. We have conventional and unique products to meet the grain and food industrys needs. Because of our service division, we use what we sell. Therefore, we can help advise you in the most effective ways to aid your product use needs.

TRAINING: Training and product stewardship are critical to maintain personal and product safety. Many of the products used to disinfest food facilities have serious personal and product safety consequences. This is why we take training so seriously and build this into our business. We provide International, national, regional, individual, and web based training to our customers.

Our core business is food and food related industries. The only exception to this rule is our import / export business. This is sometimes not human food related but insect food related. But, it is always food.

And that is what makes Food Protection Services so unique – we specialize in maintaining safety, quality, and value to your products and assets. Think about it – does your product or service provider focus that intensely on food? Do they have the same sharable experience level that we do? We would be excited to partner with you and make what can be stressful, “successfully fun.”

Pill Dysphagia Doxycycline

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