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Stored commodities have tremendous insect pressures. Fumigation is the most common form of disinfestations. Commodity fumigation has undergone a diverse change in fumigation options over the last 10 years.

Food Protection Services provides both product sales and provides for-hire fumigations to the commodity storage industry.

Our capabilities to provide successful fumigations include the following treatment methodologies:

  • Metal Phosphine
  • Aluminum Phosphide
  • Magnesium Phosphide
  • Cylinderized Phosphine
  • VAPORPH3OS® + Horn Diluphos System (HDS®)
  • Sulfuryl Fluoride
  • ProFume®
  • Methyl Bromide
  • CUE Gas (Domestic)
  • Q-Gas (Quarantine and Pre-Shipment)
  • Grain Protectants
  • Carbon Dioxide

Food Protection Services provides product sales and provides grain protectant application services. Grain protectants are used for long term storage of commodities.

  • Storicide
  • Diacon II
  • Diatomaceous Earth
  • And more…

Empty Bin or Storage Treatment

FPS provides product sales and for-hire application of residual insecticide to empty bins. This is excellent practice for preparing storage for the next crop cycle.

Grain Pest Management

FPS provides products sales and for-hire service to grain companies. Rodent control, insect trapping, pheromone monitoring and bird control are just some of the services. Call us for your pest management products 855-FPS-3444

Training and Re-certification

FPS provides customer support in many forms; website, toll-free, number with knowledgeable support staff, industry organizations and through our annual training and re-certification series. In the winter (usually February) and the first week in December we provide industry seminars and re-certification training to keep our customers up-to-date on new products, safety improvements, regulatory changes, new and successful treatment strategies and more. These programs are progressive and designed to challenge our industry and help develop our collective market in a positive way.