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Import / Export

Food Protection Services is a fully capable import and export fumigation company. We are fully registered and compliant with all USDA regulations and site requirements. We can handle any export fumigation, such as logs to China and elsewhere, grain, solid wood packing materials, commodities, and anything with an export fumigation need. We also perform all types of USDA import quarantine fumigations, on all types of materials and commodities. If a USDA Emergency Action Notice has been written on your inbound shipment, we can perform that fumigation for you.

As an example, FPS Fumigation can fumigate your export logs in shipping containers at one of our fumigation facilities in the mid-west, south, or at our fumigation facility at the Port Of Tacoma, with a rapid turn-around so your container may travel as quickly as possible.

"Solid Wood packaging (ISPM-15 compliant)"