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Food safety pest management and fumigation products and services are critical to the milling industry. Milling is the fractioning of grain. This provides an ideal food source for several stored product insects. Controlling these pests are difficult and experience is needed. FPS has this experience and has proven success.


FPS provides many types of fumigations for the milling industry; general facility fumigation, bulk flour bins, bulk commodity bins, rail cars, truck trailers, spot fumigations and much more.

Fumigants used by FPS in milling operations are:

  • Metal Phosphine
  • Aluminum Phosphide (Pre-Pack forms for Rail Car Fumigations)
  • Magnesium Phosphide
  • Cylinderized Phosphine
  • VAPORPH3OS® + Horn Diluphos System (HDS®)
  • Sulfuryl Fluoride
  • ProFume®
  • Methyl Bromide
  • CUE Gas (Domestic)
  • Central Fumigation System

FPS installs permanent fumigation application and monitoring systems. This provides faster fumigation readiness, balanced gas application, reduced cost, precise gas application, improved monitoring and continuous fumigation improvement.

Food Safety Pest Management

FPS provides associated product sales and food safety pest management to the food processing industry. With increasing demands this market required a skilled and highly experienced staff. FPS is proud of our personnel who have past employment experience with cereal, brand label, co-pack, pet food, and milling histories. These highly experienced and capable individuals are assets to our food processing customers. Our programs conform to AIB, SQF, BRC Audit Support and others.

The following are components of our service ability:

  • Rodent Control Indoor Outdoor
  • Pheromone Monitoring
  • Food Safety and Pest Observations and Corrective Action Looping.
  • Bar Coding Program (designed for food processing facilities not pest control routing).
  • Pest Trending
  • Bird Control
  • Vertebrate Control
  • Mock Auditing Program Development
  • Plant Personnel and Management Training
  • Independent Quality Assurance Audit of our Services.
  • Organic Program Capability
  • Training and Re-certification

FPS provides customer support in many forms; website, toll-free number with knowledgeable support staff, industry organizations and through our annual training and re-certification series. In the winter (usually February) and the first week in December we provide industry seminars and re-certification training to keep our customers up-to-date on new products, safety improvements, regulatory changes, new and successful treatment strategies and more. These programs are progressive and designed to challenge our industry and help develop our collective market in a positive way.